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This website provides information and peer support for family members who have a loved one who suffers from a serious mental illness.  You will find suggestions and strategies that were helpful in promoting a significant recovery for my daughter who has lived with Schizophrenia for the past sixteen years. The primary focus of the site is  caretaking; however you will also find basic information on several major mental disorders, plus links to respected sources for more in-depth information.
Mental illness can be devastating for families.
"Hope and clarity can ease the caregiving burden and contribute to successful outcomes" MJS.

Note: White Rock & South Surrey Community Advisory Committee website can now be found at http://cac.psychosissupport.ca

Visit my daughters site where she discusses her illness and blogs about her insights: http://recovery.psychosissupport.ca

Research is important.

Here is another request for people to participate in a research survey:
Quote "My name is Matia Monastra and I am a doctorate student of Lancaster University conducting research on the relationship between difficult experiences in childhood, such as trauma, and later unusual experiences. I am doing this by carrying out an online survey and am inviting people to participate." Unquote.
Full details at:


Hello All. Here is a research project looking for input.
Quote "I'm a trainee clinical psychologist and I'm doing research into the experiences of families (particularly young people aged 18-35) where a parent has experienced psychosis or received a diagnosis of schizophrenia." Unquote. Please see poster below which has more information about the study.

Poster - http://ibb.co/mfp1ck